Testimonials of Our Participants

By APEC Secretariat, Vietnam

Green Olive Tree Pte. Ltd. conducted the Advanced Note-taking & Project Proposal Writing Course for Vietnam’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) secretariat team from 11 to 22 July 2016 at the Vietnam-Singapore Training Centre.

The course had fulfilled all the objectives and learning outcomes that it had set out to achieve. The course was made relevant for the APEC secretariat. The curriculum prepared by Green Olive Tree had seamlessly incorporated note-taking and proposal-writing skills relevant for the ASEAN workplace.

Participants were trained for Vietnam’s APEC Chairmanship 2017. A few of them were already involved with APEC meetings. As a result, the trainer Shobi Pereira used not only the regular course materials but also relied on her experience in covering APEC meetings as a journalist and a Media Spokesperson. These shared experiences helped the participants in looking at the kinds of proposals and minutes they would be expected to write. We are very glad for the customised course curriculum.

The trainer was knowledgeable in the subject matter. She had provided relevant practical examples for the course participants. They had received useful feedback from the trainer on their work. At the end of the course, participants had given very good feedback on the course and the trainer. They particularly felt that the course was made interesting for them. At the end of the course, 100% of the participants have noted that they were able to write minutes of meeting and proposals. All have indicated that they were satisfied with the course.

It was pleasant working with Green Olive Tree and the trainer. I will be glad to recommend Green Olive Tree to anyone who would like to engage their services.

Mr Ngo Toan Thang
Deputy Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam

By CDAC, Singapore

My colleagues from the Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) and I attended the Effective Emails, Mastering Minutes and Just Edit It workshops conducted by Sasi Rekha from Green Olive Tree conducted in July and August 2015. These were full-day workshops conducted in small groups for CDAC staff.

The materials were very informative. The trainer Rekha had put together a lot of vital information. She tried her best effort to understand the needs of my company before developing the teaching materials. The best thing about Green Olive Tree’s workshops is the fact that they are always customised. Most of the external trainings that I had attended were usually very general. So, we are glad that Green Olive Tree had catered to the needs of the social service sector.

My biggest takeaways are:

• Be reader-centric in all written communication
• Don’t overload others with irrelevant information
• Use tables and bullets to enhance readability
• Avoid wordiness

Rekha shared useful details on punctuation and grammar, which most courses would not highlight. She also shared her experience with email-writing, editing, etc.etc., that made the course more interesting. She was open to our ideas and understood our challenges. What we liked best about Rekha was that she was a pleasant trainer, who truly inspired us to enhance our communication skills.

Ms Ong Cynthia
Assistant Manager (Human Resource)
Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC), Singapore

By Government Official, Cambodia

I attended the Advanced English Language & Communication Skills course at the Cambodia-Singapore Training Centre (CSTC) in October 2017. This is the first time I have learnt English at an International standard. In this course, I acquired a wealth of knowledge for workplace literacy. My grammar, letter-writing, proposal-writing, report-writing and presentation skills have indeed improved. On completion of the course, I realised the importance of such an effective course. At my workplace, I’m definitely more confident now. In addition, I now enjoy writing in English and am able to translate my work from English to Khmer. I am motivated to write proposals for my department and researching on ICT in education.

Mr Ouk Chanratha
Department of Information Technology,
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Cambodia

By SMS P&D Consultancy, Australia

Rekha has played a vital role in the vetting of my company’s marketing materials. Since marketing plays an essential role for any company, we are very grateful for the prompt proofreading services and value-add from Rekha. I will certainly encourage anyone seeking proofreading services to consult Rekha and team and the best thing is that you will never be wrong with Green Olive Tree.

Mr Matthew Sathiasillan
CEO, SMS P&D Consultancy, Australia

By Centre for Liveable Cities, Singapore

We appreciate the GOT team’s edits on our research publications. They aim for clarity and conciseness and they are always pleasant to work with, even with the stress of tight timelines. Many thanks!

Ms Nicole Chew
Manager, Centre for Liveable Cities, Singapore