The effective use of words can be vital to your organisation’s success and we can help you produce professional content that is error-free, well-worded and persuasive. We will turn your  ideas into powerful words that engage your audience and deliver your message with maximum impact. 

We edit/proofread all kinds of documents. Just tell us your need. Is it marketing and communications copy, such as media releases, website or brochure content, newsletters, speeches or advertisements? Or do you want us to edit your reports and proposals, including tender submissions, strategic plans, annual reports, research reports or other government  and industry documents?

Excellent quality is what we provide in all our editing/proofreading projects. Our team also specialises in enhancing the readability of documents. Our proofreading services and language style will ensure that the writings are reader-friendly, and able to connect with the target readers.

Green Olive Tree is an advocate of the use of PLAIN English. We believe it is the most effective way to connect with stakeholders.

Our expertise is in our offer of PLAIN English in all our editing/proofreading projects:

  • Precise content
  • Layman-friendly words
  • Appropriate information
  • Inclusive language
  • Natural writing style

Our clients include the Ministry of Education, Singapore; the Ministry of National Development—Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC) and SMS P&D Consultancy (Australia).

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