This is the era of connection, connectivity and communication. Both the public and private sectors of any country have to connect with international stakeholders through various platforms. While you may have found the right media to reach your clients and customers, do you have the right language style and communication skills to connect with them?

Green Olive Tree looks at organisations through the lens of language solutions, not just training. We will enable your organisation to connect with international counterparts and potential clients through Standard English.
While you focus on your business growth, we will CREATE communication-related solutions for your organisation:

1. Customised training for staff

2. Review of organisation’s marketing materials and documents        

(We review written brochures, forms, website content, email templates and all communication tools, and propose enhancements to your communication touchpoints.)

3. Editing/proofreading of content

4. Appropriate marketing and communications plan for your events 

(We craft media releases and prepare your senior management for interviews with the press.)

5. Train-the-trainers programme for your in-house trainers or HR staff

6. Exclusive coaching for management on specific skills

(e.g., business presentation, media engagement, shareholder dialogue, etc.)

Our comprehensive consultancy process involves 4 UP-IT steps:

Step 1: Understand Your Organisation’s Needs

Seek management’s perspective and conduct a survey and diagnostic test on staff to identify organisation’s language needs.

Step 2: Propose Strategies

Analyse data and propose specific plans to help your organisation to effectively communicate and connect for the purpose of business growth.

Step 3: Implement Plans

Implement specific plans agreed with management.

Step 4: Test Effectiveness

Review impact of executed programmes at a later stage.

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