Students undertaking this course will develop their skills in listening to, reading, speaking and writing English for academic purposes. They will be able to do appropriate academic research using English resources and develop a logical, effective and coherent argument. Using the information, they will be able to synthesise relevant content into a report, essay or thesis. They will learn to give credits to sources cited in their essays. Students will also be able to present their academic findings in front of an audience.

Learning Outcome

By the end of the Academic English programme, learners will be able to:

• listen to, read, speak and write academic content with an advanced command of English
• use phonetic symbols to produce standard English pronunciation
• converse effectively in English in both informal and formal contexts on a range of topics
• use a range of English vocabulary for academic communication purposes
• write grammatical sentences and paragraphs to convey their ideas effectively for academic writings
• develop research skills relevant to the analysis of primary and secondary sources
• employ American Psychological Association (APA) citations, quoting and paraphrasing and avoid plagiarism
• develop a logical, effective and coherent argument
• structure information at macro and micro levels effectively to produce accurate, coherent and readable academic reports, proposals, theses and summaries
• participate constructively in academic discussions
• craft appropriate scripts for academic presentations
• present academic ideas confidently in front of an audience, as individuals and in groups

35-70 hours