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the mastery of English in Asia

Empower Asians to be confident users of English on a global stage
through quality training and consultancy

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Snapshot of Green Olive Tree
  • Singapore-based company incepted in 2013
  • B2B model of operation
  • Focused on consultancy and English training for corporates and academic courses for tertiary students
  • Customised trainings conducted at clients’ premises
  • Flexible duration of training programme
Why Green Olive Tree?
An olive tree lives for thousand-over years and is very fruitful.
It produces an excellent oil; is beautiful to look at; is evergreen and durable;
flourishes in harsh climates; and its leaves and branches are symbols of peace.
‘Green’ is not just about the colour as much as it is about the vigour of the tree.
Green Olive Tree is an emblem of strength, vitality, richness and endurance.
Every learner who comes under the crown of the Green Olive Tree company
will be nurtured in the attributes of this amazing tree.
We aim to inculcate in our learners the confidence to thrive and flourish
in the English-speaking world
by displaying strength and excellence in communication.

Our Team

We are a group of passionate and competent consultants and educators dedicated to inspiring excellence in the English Language in Asia. Our team of trainers and coaches are corporate heads, principals of schools, lecturers, media personnel, editors and subject matter experts in the field of English and communication skills. Another invaluable asset is our Courseware Design & Development Team who are forward-looking and progressive in their ideation and creations.

Our team boasts of highly credible trainers and courseware developers armed with certification and experience as listed below.

  • PhD in Educational Management
  • Masters in Education-Curriculum & Teaching
  • Masters in Education-English Language Teaching
  • Masters (by Research) in Language Studies
  • Postgraduate Degree in Education
  • Honours in English Language
  • B. Ed. in TESOL
  • Master Trainer Certificate
  • Degree in Mass Communication
  • Diploma in TESOL
  • WSQ Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education (DACE)
  • WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA)
  • Teaching in Higher Education Certificate
  • Director of INTESOL franchise in Singapore
  • Executive level business communications and brand marketer
  • Vice principal of school
  • Trainers of international educators and English teachers
  • Trainers of government officials in Southeast Asia
  • Institutional Member of the College of Teachers (UK)
  • Member of SEAMEO Regional Language Centre.
  • Writer of speeches and proposals for Singapore’s cabinet ministers
  • Head of television channels
  • Veteran radio broadcaster
  • Primetime television newscaster
  • Newspaper editor
  • Developer of e-Learning/ blended learning applications

Our Singapore Clients

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Home Affairs – Singapore Prison Service

Ministry of National Development – Centre for Liveable Cities

Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC)

Our Regional Clients

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Secretariat, Vietnam

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Indonesia

Government Officials in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos & Myanmar

NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute

SMS P&D Consultancy, Australia

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