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English for Asian Enterprises

Established in 2013 as a Singapore-based *B2B* company, Green Olive Tree is your premier destination for mastering English. More than a language training provider, we are committed to nurturing your personal and professional development.

Our team’s expertise in English language training is unrivalled. All our trainers, based in Singapore, hold prestigious degrees in English Language Studies and English Teaching Qualifications such as CELTA, as well as Ph.D. and Master’s degrees in TESOL. With backgrounds in education, media, journalism, marketing, and organisational development, our trainers deliver bespoke communication skills programmes and consultancy services for government officials, corporates, and institutions across Asia.

At Green Olive Tree, we prioritise quality and customisation. Whether you represent an MNC, SME, government agency, or educational institution, our team is dedicated to delivering tailored programmes right to your doorstep.

Let’s collaborate to create a training solution designed specifically for your team, wherever you may be.

Why Choose Us?

 Our Google Review rating of 4.9/5 is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

  • When you entrust your project to Green Olive Tree, be assured that our team will surpass all expectations. Understanding the Asian context is our strength. Our trainers grasp the cultural, linguistic, and professional nuances of Asia. This enables us to tailor comprehensive training plans specifically to address the unique challenges faced in the region.
  • Our unique blend of Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) and Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) is at the heart of our teaching philosophy for one simple reason: they work. These dynamic methods prioritise meaningful communication, active participation, and authentic language use.
  • At Green Olive Tree, we believe in innovative approaches to English language training. Our integration of technology, interactive learning platforms, and blended learning techniques ensures an engaging and effective learning experience for all learners.
  • We place great emphasis on evidence-based evaluation. Pre- and post-training assessments, along with mid-point feedback mechanisms, allow us to continually improve and ensure desired outcomes are achieved.
  • Despite our high-quality training and experienced trainers, we offer competitive pricing. 

So, Choose Green Olive Tree for unparalleled English language training across Asia.

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Trusted by
Asian government officials.

“Trainer really knows her stuff. Made things super clear and interesting. No jargon, just straight talk. She kept the vibe positive and her enthusiasm rubbed off onto everyone, so learning was actually kinda fun.”
Sarah Mun San Pan Head of Branch, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Myanmar.
“The course had an exceptional instructor who used engaging methods, tailored content for our needs, and included real-life scenarios. Constructive feedback, cultural awareness, and practical language skills were highlights. Provided resources for continued learning.”
Mr Wai Yan Thein Swe Assistant Director, Ministry of Construction.
“The best thing about Green Olive Tree’s workshops is the fact that they are always customised. Most of the external trainings that I had attended were usually very general. So, we are glad that Green Olive Tree had catered to the needs of the social service sector.”
Ms Ong Cynthia Assistant Manager (Human Resource), Ministry of Construction.

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