Are you looking for professional editing or proofreading services to make your write-ups concise, improve readability, and maximise the impact of your marketing/communication copies, reports, and proposals? Green Olive Tree got your needs covered. We deliver excellent quality in every editorial project that we handle. 

We offer professional editing and proofreading services in Singapore and Asia for any copy, including:

  • media releases;
  • website or brochure content;
  • newsletters;
  • speeches or advertisements; and
  • reports/proposals such as tender submissions, annual reports, strategic plans, research reports, or other industry- and government-related documents.

With our team of professional English experts, we can help you produce well-worded, error-free, and persuasive content that meets and exceeds your expectations.  We can turn your messages into powerful and reader-friendly words that deliver your message in a more engaging and impactful manner, regardless of your goals.

Our team uses a wide range of carefully selected words and language styles in all our editing/proofreading projects to ensure that the documents have a higher readability score and to connect with your target readers more effectively.

Effective use of the English language is vital for virtually all organisations that want to have a positive brand image. It is even more vital for businesses targeting clients across borders. Therefore, using error-free and concise English in your organisational communications and marketing copies will definitely make you and your brand stand out from the rest.  

What Makes Our Service Stand Out

At Green Olive Tree, our work stands tall in the market. We distinguish ourselves as industry-leading English language professionals in Singapore with expertise in the PLAIN English language.

So, what does the acronym PLAIN stand for?

  • Precise content
  • Layman-friendly words
  • Appropriate information
  • Inclusive language
  • Natural writing style

Having had decades of experience offering English editing and proofreading services for the media, businesses and government bodies in Asia, our team of editors believe that PLAIN English is the best for connecting with stakeholders. When you come to us, we will ensure that your messages are heard with maximum impact.

We are proud to have worked with clients such as the Ministry of Education (HQ and schools), Singapore; the Ministry of National Development—Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC), Singapore; and SMS P&D Consultancy (Australia).

Why Choose Us?

  • We are a team of professional editors, educators, consultants and English specialists dedicated to inspiring English competency in Asia.
  • Our editors are highly knowledgeable and they have commendable experience editing documents from various fields.
  • We deliver high-quality edits that are always accurate, error-free and reader-friendly.
  • We ensure that your write-ups reach your target audience with maximum impact.
  • We are focused on excellent customer support services.
  • We have many positive customer testimonials and referrals.

Start Your Project Today

Do you have any proofreading or editing work now? Contact us today and get a customised quote for your project. Green Olive Tree is just a call away.


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