In compiling this proposed House Style, our intention was a hope that it will prove to be a useful guide to all who use the written word to communicate in any context—business, academic or others.
Like many other style books, this collection of preferred style of ours cannot pretend to be the final say because word usage is a reflection of the times and because style should not be arbitrary or inflexible. However, when guided by this style book, we can assure ourselves that our written communication has a recognised uniformity and is understood as we want it to be. Our credibility is affected when we are inconsistent and appear careless.
One important consideration to remember is the target audience of our writings, i.e., the people we are writing to or for. Technical jargon is necessary for specialised subjects. But, although it can easily be understood by those who are familiar with the subjects, there will always be readers who do not have the necessary grounding to comprehend technical jargon. It is, therefore, prudent to keep a good balance of technical and nontechnical words and expressions in our writings.
It is for this reason that it might be useful to keep in mind the “ABC” of good writing – A for accuracy, B for brevity and C for clarity.
When in doubt consult a good dictionary – as the authority for the correct spelling, to determine if a compound word requires a hyphen, to capitalise the first letter of a word and so on.
All the examples gathered in this compilation are obtained from the papers that have been written and submitted by writers and scholars in Singapore.
Ng Loke Koon
Green Olive Tree Pte. Ltd.

Style Guide Green Olive Tree

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